The 6 Most Anticipated FPS Games Of 2016 You Must Play

2016 is already shaping up to be a great year. The Division just launched and has already become Ubisoft’s fastest selling new IP within less than 48 hours of its launch. The year is just getting started too and we are going to have a lot of other exciting new games to experience as the year progresses.

We take a look at 6 first person shooter games releasing in 2016 that you simply can’t skip. These games are unique in their own ways and are definitely worth paying money for.

Homefront: The Revolution


Sequel to the moderately successful title Homefront by now defunct publisher THQ, Homefront: The Revolution is being published by Deep Silver, who bought the IP from THQ as it was closing shop.

The game takes place 4 years after the events of the original and is going to be a more open-world type experience wherein the player would need to carry out tasks that have a RPG-like feel to it.


The game will also have side missions, plenty of modification options as well as several other notable new inclusions. It’ll take place in three districts of the now GKR (Great Republic of Korea) occupied Philadelphia. The game is definitely worth looking out for especially due to its open world setting and the pedigree of the previous game which made for an rather enjoyable shooter game experience.

Tentative Release Schedule – May, 2016.

Battlefield 5

battle 2

EA, the publisher of Battlefield games, confirmed during a investor call, it’ll be releasing a new Battlefield title in this fiscal year. DICE is already hard at work making the new Battlefield game and if rumors prove correct it might actually be set in World War 1.

Although, it is highly unlikely it’ll be a direct sequel or part of the main Battlefield series, a World War 1 spin-off similar to Battlefield: Bad Company series is definitely possible. Whatever, be the case, Battlefield games are known to offer one of the most refined and enjoyable first person shooter experiences and Battlefield 5 is sure to set new benchmarks for the genre.

Tentative Release Schedule – October, 2016.

Call of Duty: Ghosts 2/Modern Warfare 4


Activision also confirmed it is going to release a new Call of Duty title this year and its development duties have been assigned to Infinity Ward. The announcement got the fans excited since IW has made some of the best Call of Duty games to date including Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 4.

Although the studio’s main leads has now moved over to EA and formed their own new studio called Respawn Entertainment (who made Titanfall), the studio is still more than capable of releasing an exciting new Call of Duty game.


Rumors doing the round suggest that the studio might actually be releasing a sequel to Call of Duty: Ghosts this year but it might also end up being a sequel to Modern Warfare 3. It is highly likely it’s going to be one of the two options and it’s definitely not going to make a completely new Modern Warfare game in all likeliness.

Tentative Release Schedule – November, 2016. 

Ghost Recon: Wildlands


Ghost Recon: Wildland, as per claims from its publisher Ubisoft, is the studio’s most ambitious and largest Ghost Recon game to date. It’s going to do away with the futuristic setting of its predecessor Ghost Recon: Advance Warfigther and instead chose to go back to its roots and feature a modern day setting with more believable weapons and tech.


The game is going to be set in Bolivia wherein you’re sent in as part of an elite fictional U.S army unit called “Ghosts” and need to take out the drug cartel that is causing major issues not only within the country but the world at large.

The open world nature of the game has got fans excited and the franchise is known to offer some of the best shooting game experience in the industry. Expect a lot of exciting new missions, great team playing features as well as an robust multiplayer experience.

Tentative Release Schedule – Fall 2016

Doom (Reboot)


Doom is being touted as the reboot of a franchise which made first person games a household name in the first place. Developed by ID Software for Bethesda Softworks, the game was announced as far back as May, 2008 by John Carmack, the founder of ID Software.

Originally planned as a sequel to Doom 3 (2004 release), during the long development cycle it evolved to an entire series reboot and moved away from being a sequel. Doom promises a great single player experience with the campaign rumored to be around 14 hours long, something unheard of in today’s shooter games as they’re usually around 6 hours long.


Featuring big bad demons, even bigger guns and a chaotic fast-paced shooter experience that even the most hardcore gamers are bound to enjoy. The icing on the cake? It will also feature a multiplayer component with all your usual game modes plus a few interesting new additions. This is one shooter game everyone is and should look forward to.

Tentative Release Schedule – May, 2016.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is the third entry in the massively popular Ghost Warrior series and admittedly the first full AAA experience for the franchise. Featuring an open world, that is in contrast to the more linear form of gameplay on offer from its predecessors, developer CI Games, has promised it’s going to offer the “best sniper games” to date.

The game promises to offer an in-depth sniping experience with several factors playing a part in how accurate your sniping is going to be in the game. It also has a lot of other cool additions and the game’s protagonist can utilize several skills such as parkour, free-running, climbing and repelling to stay one step ahead of the enemies.


Having an open world also enables you to explore different routes and options for completing each mission and the game is also going to feature side missions that you can complete outside of the main storyline. Overall, if you’re a fan of sniping or shooter games in general, this is definitely one game to watch out for.

Tentative Release Schedule – Q2, 2016.