The 6 biggest gaming disasters of 2016 that left gamers devastated

Every year means more great games for us to enjoy, but it also means more disasters. Some games are so close to being great, yet still so far. Regardless of who is held responsible, that doesn’t change the fact that countless gamers dish out their hard-earned cash for less-than-satisfactory experiences.

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6) No Man’s Sky

Source: No Man's Sky
Source: No Man’s Sky

People loved the initial concept for the game – it was ambitious and sounded like great fun. They also liked the idea of of throwing their support behind a smaller development team with with a bright, big future ahead of them along with a proven track record from their previous jobs.

Prior to No Man’s Sky, Hello Games had some Joe Danger titles under their belts as a team along with some prestigious titles before coming together to form Hello Games, but nothing could have prepared them for the storm that was coming.

Shortly after the announcement of No Man’s Sky, their offices were flooded by a nearby river, and a lot of their development hardware was destroyed. In hindsight, this looks like some kind of Biblical prophecy, foreshadowing the mess that was coming.

The launch of this game was one of the most anticipated of all time. No Man’s Sky, however, spectacularly failed to meet the expectations of most fans. Whether that’s our fault, or the developers, depends on how you see things. None the less, it’s hard to say that things went smoothly.