Overwatch update 2.05 has added an incredibly useful hidden feature

Off-meta mains, your time has come. Overwatch has finally given players the ability to let their teammates know exactly how good they’re doing. Your teammates can now hear when you’re on fire. This small, unnoticed feature is HUGE for Overwatch players who prefer to pick off-meta heroes who may not be seen as strong or … Read more

3 Massive Changes are Coming to Battlefield 1

In recent days, news has surfaced regarding 3 massive upcoming updates to Battlefield 1. Check them out: The Ribe The newest addition to the game will be a new behmoth, according to Battlefield Bulletin on Twitter. The tank is modeled after a real life German Prototype named the Ribe. Although the Ribe never saw the … Read more

Pokemon Go Appraisal: What the Team Leaders comments actually mean

A new feature of the 0.35.0 update in Pokemon Go is an appraisal system that allows the player to learn more about their Pokemon from the leaders of the teams they picked: Mystic, Valour or Instinct. Want to know how this appraisal system works and what the comments actually do? Check it out below – … Read more

Diablo II Gets Another Update After 16 Years Of Its Release

Blizzard Entertainment is still supporting Diablo II. The developer released a new update, 1.14a for the game after almost after 16 years of the game’s release. The previous patch of the game was released back in 2011. The update fixes the glitches which occurs in new systems and tries to improve the overall experience for modern … Read more