Sony finally confirms The Last Guardian a release date

This is one that Sony didn’t want to mess around with. The Last Guardian has been being teased for years now, and Sony has finally given a release date. We’ll all be able to dive in on October 25, 2016. Yes, THIS YEAR. Incredible announcement by Sony and it was near the beginning of their … Read more

7 Over Hyped Videogames That Never Got Released

It’s obvious for every gamer to get all excited for a game. We follow each and every news of some games from the very start, but much to our dismay some of them get stuck in the so called ‘development hell’ whereas the others get cancelled. Just imagine how many hearts break when such instances happen? Here are seven such games … Read more

The Last Guardian Not Coming to TGS

The Last Guardian wasn’t present during Sony’s media briefing at E3 this year, nor did it make an appearance at Gamescom yesterday. So you’re thinking it would have to make for some type of announcement at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) right? Think again. So a little background information first; The Last Guardian is the next … Read more

The Last Guardian is Not Canceled

A rumor surfaced the internet yesterday regarding the fact that The Last Guardian has been canceled. This rumor picked up steam after IGN reported that the development for this title has officially ended. Scott Rhode, Playstation Software Product Development Head of Sony sent out a  tweet that stated The Last Guardian is not canceled and put all these rumors to rest.   … Read more

Fumito Ueda Sorry for the Delay of The Last Guardian

Fumito Ueda has a small video game output, but a strong one. As the creative mind behind both PlayStation classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus his next effort, The Last Guardian, was highly anticipated. However, the project has encountered delay after delay that 4 years after the game’s announcement and 6 years after development … Read more

The Last Guardian Now in ‘Re-Engineering’ Phase

Despite the super long development time and lack of any concrete information, and the lead developer leaving the company, Sony has insisted that The Last Guardian is still in development. According to Shuhei Yoshida the game is being re-engineered by a “well-staffed” team at Sony. There were no specifics about what exactly was being re-engineered, … Read more