Pre-Order Listing for Agni’s Philosophy found on Amazon UK & FR

The game Agni’s Philosophy releasing for the PS4 was located on Amazon UK and Amazon France websites. During Last year’s E3, Square Enix showed off their achievement of its new Engine, Luminous by releasing the tech demo Agni’s Philosophy. We are unsure if Square Enix recreated this tech demo in to its own full-length game … Read more

New CryEngine 3 Tech Demo will blow your mind

A new CryEngine 3 tech demo has been released which is mind blowing to say the least. The demo, which has been developed by the French company Enodo, shows the use of CryEngine 3 for the development of virtual reality 3D models for industrial purposes. Though Enodo is not a game company, their demo video, … Read more

Unreal Engine 4 Comparison Video – Is the PS4 better than PC?

Fragburn’s come up with an interesting video which compares the recently released real time tech demo of the Unreal Engine 4 with its PC counterpart which was released months ago by Epic Games. In the video below, you can see both the versions of the demo being played together; side by side and can get … Read more

Unreal Engine 4 Leaked Tech Demo

A tech demo showing off Epic Games’ latest Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities have made it into the wild. The demo which shows the engine in its full glory running on a single Nvidia GTX 680 GPU is a treat for the eyes. The new engine will also make its presence felt in next-gen consoles, however … Read more

Next-Gen Fox Engine PS4 Tech Demo

Kojima showed off the new Fox Engine at GDC this year apart from announcing a new Metal Gear game. The tech demo shows off the capabilities of the new Fox Engine and how it’ll perform on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console. What’s been shown is nothing short of amazing and we urge everyone to view … Read more

Unreal Engine 4 PS4 Tech Demo

Epic Games an released a amazing looking tech demo of the Unreal Engine 4 running on the recently announced PlayStation 4. Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney said the following regarding its collaboration with Sony and the PS4  “We are thrilled to build onto our long-established success with PlayStation. Unreal Engine 4 is expertly designed for the … Read more