New CryEngine 3 Tech Demo will blow your mind

A new CryEngine 3 tech demo has been released which is mind blowing to say the least. The demo, which has been developed by the French company Enodo, shows the use of CryEngine 3 for the development of virtual reality 3D models for industrial purposes.

Though Enodo is not a game company, their demo video, which shows the use of CryEngine 3 in realising hypothetical offices, buildings and tram lines is a jaw dropping one  along with being massively thought provoking as it goes a long way in showing the astounding capability of the medium.

While releasing the 2:37 minute video, Enodo noted in its YouTube page that its sole purpose is  “to show that the mechanisms governing the world of video games are powerful and will revolutionize the way to understand urban or industrial projects, their development, and their communication.”

Check out the video below.

YouTube video