You can eat your own dead body in this creepy new survival game

Ever considered auto-cannibalism as a method of survival? Probably not. At least I hope not. Regardless, in early access title The Wild Eight, you can do just that. After dying in game, your body stays in the same place, even after you re-spawn. This allows you to, well, eat your own corpse as a form … Read more

This new survival game has a unforgiving setting no one has ever done before

This new game puts you smack dab in the middle of blizzard-ravaged 1970’s Canada, a setting basically untouched in the gaming world. You play as private detective Carl Faubert. Your goal? Investigate strange events going on around Atamipek Lake and figure out what sort of supernatural shenanigans are afoot, all while fighting the elements to … Read more

Outlast: Whistleblower Review

Gore, guts and genocide. Red Barrel’s new DLC Whistleblower proves better than the original! Red Barrels latest and first DLC content release Whistleblower hit the PlayStation market worldwide on the 6th of his month in America and the following day throughout Europe. Relatively unknown and independent game development studio, Red Barrels was a shocking surprise to gamers everywhere when their first-person survivor … Read more