Outlast: Whistleblower Review

Gore, guts and genocide. Red Barrel’s new DLC Whistleblower proves better than the original!

Red Barrels latest and first DLC content release Whistleblower hit the PlayStation market worldwide on the 6th of his month in America and the following day throughout Europe.

Relatively unknown and independent game development studio, Red Barrels was a shocking surprise to gamers everywhere when their first-person survivor horror, Outlast, was released worldwide on 5th of February this year. But after the recent release of its younger sibling Whistleblower, the original game may no longer be the scariest game to hit our screens.

The latest DLC for Outlast will have players take on the role of Waylon Park,  a software engineer for the shady Murkoff company. Fans
of the original game will undoubtedly recognize Park as the Whistleblower who draws Miles Upshur to twisted Mount Massive in the original game. The RB (Red Barrel) team clearly aims the DLC at players who would recognize the intense adrenaline and panic that the original game draws so heavily upon; as within five minutes of playing the DLC, players will start off running, hiding and trying to survive. In other words Whistleblower throws players into the deep end of it’s horrific pool and will not let go.

From cannibals to deranged lunatics making the Park their wife and yes even Chris Walker, that fat son of a B, will make an appearance in one of the DLC’s most frightening scenes. Not only this but the RB gang have clearly reflected on the flaws that the previous game presents; such as the easy speed in which Upshur runs; making it a little too easy for the players to escape; even on it’s Insane difficulty. So now, much like when players had to resort to a cracked video camera in the original campaign, Whistleblower takes away the speed as after a nasty fall players will be left limping away from the pursuing lunatics.

And for those fans who were disappointed with the original ending of Outlast, the RB team gave their fans the ending that they, and even myself, wanted. Whistleblower isn’t just the next installation to the world’s most famous survival horror, it’s a brilliant and somewhat gruesome improvement on some of the faults that players would have found in the original. Those perfectionists wishing to see 100% on their trophy list, the system is the same, filming and note taking are still evident, ensuing players to get another run through of the campaign; and the Insane trophy is still back with a vengeance. Players undoubtedly will hate and love the new DLC, not only supporting the original story, the RB team have done the impossible, they made what was thought to be the perfect survival horror game, and improved it.