Ludwig Is Planning A $1,000,000 Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

After leaving Twitch to become a YouTube streamer, Ludwig has announced a huge new Smash Bros tournament. The tournament will have a prize pool of around $1 million. It’s including Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee, so both games get a chance to shine. This announcement comes after Nintendo announced its own esports circuit recently. Previously, … Read more

Piranha Plant Has Been Added To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the best games on the Switch, and despite launching before Christmas, it’s still incredibly popular. If you bought the game early then you should have received one of these emails from Nintendo, offering you the download code to obtain the Piranha Plant when it becomes available. The … Read more

There’s Reason To Believe Banjo-Kazooie Is Joining Smash Bros Ultimate

Banjo-Kazooie was one of the best games of the Nintendo 64, and the beloved game spawned a franchise that – unfortunately – didn’t last too long. Despite the games starting out with Nintendo’s love behind them, Banjo, Kazooie, Gruntilda and even Conker toddled off to Microsoft – the company that currently owns Rare and its characters. Banjo and … Read more

Noise Complaint Ends Up With Police Playing Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the biggest games of the year, and fans all over the world have been enjoying the faced-paced and exciting gameplay they know and love, revamped for the Switch. It seems literally everyone really is playing this game – including the cops. In Saint Paul, Minnesota, a group of friends … Read more

Marvel Stuntmen Recreated Super Smash Bros And It’s Brilliant

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched last week, and it’s all anyone’s been playing ever since. Although narrative-driven games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man and God Of War have dominated the charts throughout the year, it looks like it’s time for a classic brawler to take the top spot. As the world celebrates that … Read more