More Rumours Surface About A New Nintendo Switch Console

Although the Nintendo Switch only released pretty recently, back in March 2017, it seems the incredibly successful console is already getting a successor. Japanese publication Nikkei is reporting that a new Switch will be released at some point this year, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard this rumour. According to Nikkei, Nintendo is … Read more

Rumour Says Resident Evil 8 Is Already In Development

The Resident Evil 2 remake may have only just released, but RE fans are already crossing their fingers for the next game in the series – Resident Evil 8. According to one Twitter user who claims to be a Capcom insider, the game is already in the works, and from what’s being said so far … Read more

Animal Crossing’s Release Date Confirmed By UK Store

Nintendo blew up the internet last summer when it finally announced that Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch is coming this year. Fans of the classic franchise have been eagerly awaiting any news of the game since then, especially because we’ve yet to even see a trailer for the upcoming title, but a UK retail … Read more

A Sequel To Insomniac’s PS4 Spider-Man May Already Be In The Works

The PlayStation 4 exclusive¬†Spider-Man, was hands-down one of the best and most impressive games of 2018. The title sky-rocketed to success, beating God Of War to take the top spot of best-selling exclusive for the console. Quickly followed up by some 10/10 DLC, the game has cemented itself as a firm fan-favourite, and boy does … Read more

The Writers Of Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 Are Once Again Working At Valve

Now I’m not saying get excited, but definitely get intrigued, because it looks like Valve has gotten a few members of its Dream Team back together again. As confirmed by the man himself, Gabe Newell, Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 co-writer Eric Wolpaw has made a comeback to the company, assumedly working on a brand-new … Read more

The Next Call Of Duty may be Modern Warfare 4

The Call Of Duty franchise generally swaps and changes its developers depending on the game, and judging from the past, it looks like Infinity Ward is the next developer up to tackle the¬†upcoming game in the series. Ashton Williams, Senior Communication Manager at Infinity Ward, recently sent COD fans into a frenzy with a single … Read more

Titanfall 2

Looks Like A New Titanfall Game Is In The Works

The Titanfall games didn’t have the best success at launch, but they definitely have a hardcore and dedicated fanbase that’s going to be pretty excited about the latest news… According to PC Gamer, Respawn Entertainment may already have started on the next instalment in the franchise – if a series of recent job listings are … Read more