Looks Like A New Titanfall Game Is In The Works

The Titanfall games didn’t have the best success at launch, but they definitely have a hardcore and dedicated fanbase that’s going to be pretty excited about the latest news…

Credit: Respawn

According to PC Gamer, Respawn Entertainment may already have started on the next instalment in the franchise – if a series of recent job listings are to be believed.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson revealed back in October that Respawn is actually working on two games right now. We know that one of these is an upcoming Star Wars shooter, and the other? Well…it’s pretty heavily believed to be Titanfall 3.

Credit: Respawn

Over on the EA website, a bunch of job listings specifically mention Titanfall – including roles like Environmental Artist, Senior Technical Animator and Gameplay Software Engineer.

It seems pretty unlikely that the slew of new staff members are being hired for some form of DLC – it’s definitely more likely to be pointing to Titanfall 3.

Credit: Respawn

Titanfall 2 has been branded “the best shooter made this generation” by its fans, and it’s a helluva ride if you haven’t played it.

Twitter couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of a third Titanfall game.

Are you excited about the news?