The Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack Could Be The Best Album Of 2018

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t just being praised for its near-flawless gameplay and compelling storyline – it’s also a huge success thanks to its epic soundtrack.

Credit: Rockstar Games

The music from the game is some of the best we’ve heard in a while, and players seem to agree!

Over on YouTube, That’s The Way It Is seems to be the song the fans are most enjoying. At the time of writing, it’s racked up a jaw-dropping 2,549,785 views.

Other in-game songs, including the popular May I? Stand Unshaken have also racked up over a million views each, showing off just how much people love the experience of the game.

YouTube video

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Daniel Lanois who oversaw the vocal tracks said:

“What’s interesting to me is the amount of traction we’re getting — all of this material has really caught on on the internet.

“These songs are being ripped from the game and they’re on YouTube everywhere. There are Japanese pianists doing classical versions of the song I wrote with Rhiannon [Giddens]. I haven’t felt this kind of fever since the late Eighties, when I was knocking it out of the park [producing] Peter Gabriel and U2!”

With the amount of views and sales associated with the music from the game, it’s easy to see why it could be a contender for biggest album of the year.

The official soundtrack has yet to release, but we’re excited!

The country-western music has also spawned a lot of RDR2-inspired songs that are almost as addictive as the game itself! Check out ours below.

If you’re a fan of this track, download it on Spotify here or iTunes here.

Have you been feeling the RDR2 music hype?