‘Leaked Footage’ Of Red Dead Redemption 2 For PC Appears Online

A short video clip that appeared to show Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PC surfaced online recently, and it’s gotten tongues wagging. The unbelievably popular title from Rockstar Games launched back in October this year – but only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers. Since the announcement of the title, fans have been … Read more

Red Bull’s Music Festival Will Include A Red Dead Redemption 2 Set

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 has become an instant classic, with millions of fans poring over every secret, Easter egg and mystery found across the map. Boasting one of the most heart-wrenching storylines imaginable, along with a beautifully crafted and dynamic world, and all set to what has to be one of the best … Read more

Red Dead Online Gets A Surprise Festive Update

Red Dead Online has surprised its players with an extra-special update, just in time for the holiday season. Over on Reddit’s r/reddeadredemption subreddit, a user by the name of SkeptaPurple discovered that following the most recent game update, NPCs with musical instruments weren’t just playing any old Western songs like they usually were – they’re actually now … Read more

Someone Has Found All Of The Banned Words In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 gives you a bit of creative freedom when it comes to things like naming your horses, but that doesn’t mean Rockstar Games is going to let you get away with using any old word under the sun. A Reddit user by the name of cherryfractal has compiled a pretty extensive list of all … Read more

Red Dead Online Players Call For A Microtransaction Boycott

Red Dead Online has faced a lot of controversy since it launched last month. From its skewed economy that meant players were sinking hours into the game just to buy a tin of baked beans, to the usual issues with online gameplay, such as lag, griefers and server issues. It seems the controversy isn’t yet … Read more