7 Things That Prevent Uncharted 4 From Being Perfect

Now before I get into this, I want you all to know that Naughty Dog is my favourite developer, The Last of Us is my favourite game, and Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece (in my opinion), just in case you believe I am being prejudice to the game. With that out of the way, let’s … Read more

Uncharted 4’s Entire Level List Might Have Leaked Online

At the recent GDC 2016 event, Uncharted developer Naughty Dog may have accidentally just released a list of hints about levels to expect in the upcoming fourth entry in the series. In one of their presentations, a link to which you can find here, a rather visually observant Reddit user named VaNillaGTA discovered the image … Read more

Here’s Why The Last of Us 2 Might Be In Development

Image: mp1st.com The Last of Us was a true milestone when it came to console gaming. Not only did it feature some of the best visuals in a PlayStation title but also offered an interactive experience unlike any other. Right from the story to its execution and gameplay mechanics, the game was near perfect. It should … Read more