A Brand New Harry Potter MMO Game Is On The Way

An awesome looking Harry Potter MMO game is in the works by Portkey Games, and is releasing pretty soon! It’s a good time to be a Harry Potter fan if you also like video games. Hogwarts Legacy is set to hit PC and consoles later in the year. Not long ago, we also had Wizards … Read more

A New Tony Hawk Game Is Being Released Next Week

Tony Hawk fans rejoice, because the long-standing series is getting a new addition, and it launches in just a few days’ time. The bad news? It’s a mobile game. Sorry, folks! Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam is going to come with a boat-load of features and modes, including a career mode, tournaments, vert, park disciplines and … Read more

EVERY Blizzard Title Is Apparently Getting A Mobile Game

Mobile games are an acceptable way to pass time on your daily commute, or keep you entertained when you’re queuing for groceries, but they’ve yet be accepted as a fully-fledged gaming experience. When Blizzard announced earlier this year that its rumoured “new Diablo game” was actually a mobile title, fans were pretty p*ssed, with lots … Read more

6 Addictive Mobile Games to Play While Making Poopy on the Toilet

There is no better place to grab a bite sized snack of gaming than the toilet. The toilet is a throne, and the smartphone has become many gamers private little sanctuary to get away from the craziness of everyday life. Like it or not, mobile games are becoming more and more relevant in the gaming … Read more

8 Innovative Mobile Games That Push The Limits of your Smart Phone

Like it or not, mobile games are becoming more and more relevant in the gaming world. With the advancements in technology that are happening, the gap between mobile and console/PC games is quickly closing. Developers are getting more creative with their applications and the technologies they incorporate and their work is paying off. Here are … Read more