Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation DLC Review

If there’s one thing that the creator’s of Call of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode, Neversoft were criticized for, it was lacking replay value. After completing past Extinction missions such as Point of Contact, set in a destroyed Colorado, and Nightfall which is set in a abandoned installation; players generally found that they didn’t want to replay extinction as there wasn’t much in … Read more

WarFrame Review

Digital Extreme’s third person shooter is, in a nut shell, a safe bet that will fill the time whilst PS4 players wait for the next wave of games to be released. Set in the distant future, players adopt the role of the Tenno, a race of ancient ninjas complete with sharp swords and powerful decapitating pistols; which … Read more

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 Steals The Show!

Years have passed since the humble but bar setting beginnings of Naughty Dog’s first game Crash Bandicoot, and it’s needless to say that Naughty Dog created their first masterpiece. The Masterpiece. Crash Bandicoot didn’t make an appearance at this years E3 but a something else did; and well it has everyone at PlayStation pretty excited. Undoubtedly fans of the Uncharted series will already know all about … Read more

Youtube Coming to PS4

One of the biggest announcements from this years E3 wasn’t actually a game. It’s simple, it’s smart and it’s what alot of PS4 players have wanted for a while. Yes that’s right, Youtube is coming to the PS4! You may have heard this already from watching PlayStation’s press conference, but for those who have not heard this amazing … Read more

Rayman a Retrospective, a Personal PS4 Review

It has been nineteen years since Michael Ancel’s Rayman creation hit our PlayStation One screens back in 1995. With five games under their belt Ubisoft have really milked a dead horse dry, nineteen years on and well a stunningly clear question is formed in my eyes. Should classics be remade, or are they better off left in our childhood? I … Read more

Battlefield 4 Review

Falling skyscrapers, thunderous effects and super graphics; EA finally outdid themselves! So, the main selling point of both next gen rivals, Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s X-Bone was that they were taking games literally further in terms of graphics. I can’t speak for Microsoft in terms of how far they’ve taken graphics (probably around the corner for a kebab), … Read more

Guns, Cash and Eight Year Old Boys

From falling skyscrapers to fish that move out your way, first person shooters have started to fall into two categories; the ones that you can’t tear your eyes from and the disappointing. With the next generation consoles released games have understandably increased in their pricing. But why? It has been a substantial while since famous … Read more