WarFrame Review

Digital Extreme’s third person shooter is, in a nut shell, a safe bet that will fill the time whilst PS4 players wait for the next wave of games to be released.

Set in the distant future, players adopt the role of the Tenno, a race of ancient ninjas complete with sharp swords and powerful decapitating pistols; which will come in handy against slaying intergalactic baddie Grinner and another human based army the ‘Corpus.’ Although all that players will understand is  escaping some baddies and then hop from world to world slaying  said baddies.

So, players start the game awakening from cryosleep, awakened by a guardian angle character who is the only real interaction/advice they get from the game. After escaping the first scene players are left to do what they want by following each mission without much of a storyline. There are ten types of missions from Extermination where players will have to eliminate every bot threat, and Rescue where players have to find and secure a hostage. Most of the missions take place on ships orbiting the planets that players choose to complete a mission on, but some missions will force players to the planets’ surface. Players will also have to choose one of three characters at the beginning but can level up said character throughout their progress; this XP can be spent on new weapons and class systems; which players are now fully familiar with; and with a foundry mode players can mod and create their own weapons.

The gameplay is buggy in places but relatively smooth, even though you have to buy most of the weapons with physical money or DLC it’s still fun to play. It’s a great solid game to play with friends, and considering it’s free it’s no wonder that the game is the second most brought app from PlayStation Store. It’s not often that players see the word FREE in the Store and it’s more rare to have a decent FREE game.

Digital Extreme have done a good job for a potentially no profit gain, although there is a painfully long download wait when installing the game; it will be worth it whilst we wait for the next wave of PS4 masterpieces; and it’s pretty fun too!

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