Killzone Shadow Fall sells 1 million copies worldwide

Killzone Shadow Fall is a truly next-gen game. It became the first true next-gen title to hit 1 million copies sold. The game launched along side the PS4 in November 15th worldwide. Around 27 percent were sold from the bundles. NPD, GFK and independent trackers in Asia and Western Europe revealed that PS4 launch title, … Read more

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Trial Dated

Killzone Shadow Fall is an outstanding game. The game was released along side the PS4’s launch on November 15th. If you having  hard time to make up your mind whether you want to purchase it or not, trust that you won’t be disappointed. It’s worth it. Today, Guerilla Games has revealed that they will offer … Read more

Call of Duty: Ghosts still reigning UK top spot

U.K. All format chart displays top spot being conquered for a third successive week by Call of Duty: Ghosts. Overall, Ghosts has remained at top spot for five weeks and is aiming to maintain it through the Christmas season. The 2nd spot is taken by FIFA 14, followed by LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at 3rd … Read more

Killzone: Shadow Fall gets new patch, detailed

Killzone: Shadow Fall, the game exclusively made for PlayStation 4 has got a new patch to fix many important multiplayer issues. The patch includes the following issued fixed: Server IU issues fixed Error messages in Multiplayer amended to have better indication of the error Edge-case crashes related to friends lists fixed Additional integrity fixes for … Read more

This is How PS4 Games Look in Real Life

In anticipation to the impending launch of the PS4 in Europe this coming Friday, Sony ‘s European arm has released a behind the scenes video of the console’s launch trailer. The initial video showcased how the game’s launch and upcoming exclusive games will look on the long-awaited successor to the PS3, as well as a … Read more

Killzone Dev shares PS4 graphical power details

Guerilla Games is known for supporting the launch of new PlayStation systems with its Killzone series. And the launch of PS4 saw them produce another visual treat in the form of Shadow Fall. The developer, known for making the exclusive series for the system, shared some details about the technological leap made from the PS3 … Read more

Killzone: Shadow Fall Seen in Remote Play

Guerilla Games Director Steven Ter Heide posted a short video on his personal YouTube page showing Killzone: Shadow Fall using remote play. The person in the video is using the PS Vita to play the game, while we mainly see the footage from a flat screen TV on the wall. While only 14 seconds long, … Read more