No Man’s Sky update: Murray ‘fine,’ team working on next update

After his studio being flagged for investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the massive backlash on what was a hugely special game to him, and just events in general, we’d imagine Sean Murray isn’t doing too well just now. Well, apparently, he’s ‘fine.’ We’re glad to hear it, because he doesn’t really deserve half … Read more

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky Just Broke Official Record For Lowest Steam Rating

In a surprising turn of events, No Man’s Sky went from being one of the most anticipated, exciting games of 2016 to being one of the most hated, and for many, underwhelming titles ever. As if the general consensus that this is the case wasn’t damaging enough for Hello Games – who I have complete sympathy for, … Read more

Normal Valve returns policy in place for No Man’s Sky

When it was reported that Valve was offering refunds for players that purchased No Man’s Sky, the internet grew frenzied with discussion and speculation. Was Valve really, truly offering full refunds for players who had paid the full price for the game? If so, why? Can player complaints really be that powerful in establishing something like a … Read more