This Is Probably The Closest We’ll Get To Half-Life 3

Half-Life 3 is almost definitely the most desired game of all time. A sequel to the jaw-droppingly iconic Half-Life games is something that’s on the wish lists of almost every gamer in the world. Fans are so desperate for it that it’s even become its own meme – and that’s how you know things are … Read more

7 Over Hyped Videogames That Never Got Released

It’s obvious for every gamer to get all excited for a game. We follow each and every news of some games from the very start, but much to our dismay some of them get stuck in the so called ‘development hell’ whereas the others get cancelled. Just imagine how many hearts break when such instances happen? Here are seven such games … Read more

Half Life 3 Mentioned In Leaked Steam Releases List

This is happening. Yet again. Another random leak with a mention of ” the game which must not be named” Half Life 3 has made its way into the interwebs. Its host this time being the popular gaming forums, NeoGaf. The minions there has got hold of a leaked game release list which mentions a … Read more