These Are 3 Things Video Games Get Wrong About Silencers

Video games, just like movies, are notorious for stretching the truth for the sake of entertainment. In movies, most gunfights are over-dramatized and generally unrealistic- very few films manage to get these fight scenes right. Video games, on the other hand, have a different problem- they often sacrifice realism for game balance. You may not … Read more

Battlefield 4: New Classes And Weapon Loadout Details

While BF4 features the same classes as BF3 and Bad Company 2, there are some changes and tweaks done. For example, the C4 explosive has now been moved to the Recon class, while the Support class has access to some heavy grenade launchers, like the XM25 and the M32 MGL. Furthermore, BF4 will now give gamers the ability … Read more