Battlefield 4: New Classes And Weapon Loadout Details

While BF4 features the same classes as BF3 and Bad Company 2, there are some changes and tweaks done.

For example, the C4 explosive has now been moved to the Recon class, while the Support class has access to some heavy grenade launchers, like the XM25 and the M32 MGL.

Furthermore, BF4 will now give gamers the ability to equip carbines and marksman rifles. This goes hand in hand with BF4′s specializations, where players can choose an offensive or defensive role.

Engineers can now equip a marksman rifle such as the M39 if they want to play a defensive role and keep their distance, or they can equip a carbine for more offensive purposes. Previously, carbines were restricted only to Engineers and marksman rifles only to Recons. Now players can mix and match between classes.

This new layout gives gamers much more freedom to perfectly tailor their class. A Support class can now equip a carbine and a dedicated grenade launcher, and the Assault class can equip a marksman rifle for long range combat. Furthermore, all classes can now equip different types of BF4 grenades.

Dedicated class weapons still remain the same. Sniper rifles will be available only for Recon, machine guns to Support, and so on.

A new addition to BF4 is the “Battle pickup” weapon. These are weapons that are placed strategically throughout the map and cannot be equipped by soldiers during spawn. The weapons, such as the powerful M82 .50 caliber sniper rifle, have to be picked up on the map by players.