GTA-V what we know so far

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V  and probably have a ton of questions about the game. Well, today Rockstar has come out with some solid information about GTA V. For starters, Grand Theft Auto V will be set entirely in Los Santos  and the “surrounding hills, countryside, … Read more

New GTA V Trailer Won’t Be Shown At Gamescom

Gamescom organizers have told CVG that there will be no showing of GTA V during the event, and the video footage of the game in their promotional video was added “in error.” The news was shared by gamescom product manager Tim Endres – “Rockstar Games is not scheduled and has never been scheduled to exhibit at … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V To Release In March 2013?

A few months ago, it was announced by Rockstar games that they intended to make $1 billion dollars in revenue before the end of March 2013 , but the selling of max payne 3 didn’t go so well, and can only accomplish this goal with the creation of grand theft auto V. it was believed that … Read more

New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Rockstar revealed 2 new Grand Theft Auto V over on their official website which you can find down below. They also confirmed they are  “very busy working on the game,” and that everything is “going well, but the game is a huge project.” More details will be available “soon”. “We have often had long gaps between asset … Read more

GTA V Trailer will Be at E3, Game Comes Out This Fall

  GameFly Media’s editorial director Garnett Lee broadcast a podcast on May 25th. During the broadcast podcast he said  Rockstar will be  reveal a new trailer for their next  GTA  at this year E3. his speculation is Rockstar will partnering  in co-operation with Microsoft  to revealing the next trailer of GTA V at press their press conference at … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V- Vehicle and Weapon List Leaked

Max Payne 3 disc holds information on GTA V vehicles. Check out all the vehicle and weapon list leaked Ak47 Baretta (M9?) Desert Eagle Handgun MP5K Rocket Shotgun Uzi Rifle Binoculars Camera C4 Detonator  HELI_LUXURY HELI_CP HELI_TFE HELI_UFE HELI_CS HELI_REBEL PH_HELI FIGHTER DODO AUTOGYRO Tank std bike sport bike vespa bike harley bike dirt bike … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V release date revealed?

GTA 5 made its way on to the CV of an animator listed, The latest hint comes courtesy of Rockstar North animator Alex O’Dwyer. The O’Dwyer’s CV has been removed, but we capture a screenshot shown all the shipped tittles include tittle from the past.The shiped revealed  Grand Theft Auto V could be released  October 2012. Many rumors been revealed GTA V … Read more