Grand Theft Auto V officially set for Spring 2013

Rockstar has officially   proud to confirmed and  announced that   Grand Theft Auto V is expected to launch spring 2013 for  PlayStation 3. Earlier this week lso some images about Grand Theft Auto V release date were capture by forums. The images were indeed  true! Rockstar said in a statement: “Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V release date revealed

Surprised! The game we all being waiting for. A polish website about PS3 consoles  gets their hands on  Grand Theft Auto V. According to that site ,we can expect Grand Theft Auto V launch Spring 2013. Also some images were capture by forums(you can view down below) The photo mentioned, “Pre-order now “for the PlayStation and also mentioned … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V issue to begin hitting subscribers Nov. 8

Today Game Informer revealed a  blowout is coming for  Grand Theft Auto V and it is less than two weeks away. The Subscribers will  receive a issue contain Grand Theft Auto V latest info,the issue will be available on November the 8th  and it will  be available on news stands November the 16th. Days ago, Rock Star games … Read more

4 New Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Surprise! Rock star has released total of  10 screenshots of GTA V. First you have  GTA V images show transportation and  Grand Theft Auto V: Leisure screenshots. But today they released 4 more show Police chase and more .You can view them down below  Click on images to see full size       

More new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Rockstar has 3 more brand new  new screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V. Recently, they had released 3 images, which you can find here New GTA V images show transportation. You can view them down below. Click on image to see full size.      

New GTA V images show transportation

Rockstar Games  has released three new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots. The graphics and on the images looks very promising. You can view them down below