Grand Theft Auto V To Release In March 2013?

A few months ago, it was announced by Rockstar games that they intended to make $1 billion dollars in revenue before the end of March 2013 , but the selling of max payne 3 didn’t go so well, and can only accomplish this goal with the creation of grand theft auto V. it was believed that a hint was given at the bottom of the Liberty City Manual that hints GTA V coming in March.

Because Gamescon 2012 did not release any information and Rockstar has not fully been advertising the game it is unlikely be released within the year 2012, The GTA series  is obviously a big series and Rockstar must believe it can help them get to their goal of $1 billion dollars and Rockstar will most likely continue to reach their goal with the creation of GTA V.

Many fans have been talking about it the release date being in the range of May 24 2013,  with the screen shots sent through twitter and the proposed trailer in November, but we have to remember that the creator of the game (Dan HOuser) has a birthday on May 24 so it is understandable why fans believe that March 24 2013 is possible.