Gears of War 5 Will Apparently Be ‘Something We Haven’t Seen’

Gears of War 4¬†launched to fantastic reviews way back in 2016, with Gears fans praising The Coalition studio for its take on what was previously Epic Games’ IP. The next game in the series, Gears 5, sounds like it’s going to play things a lot less safe though, with The Coalition admitting it’s really pushing … Read more

10 Most Hilarious Videogame Deaths of All Time

Dying in a video game is almost always a reason for frustration because you, as the player, failed to make the right move, but there are situations when death becomes straight up amusing. For those specific moments we prepared a Top 10 that enlists all the funny occasions when losing your in-game life was nothing … Read more

E3’s Just A Waste of Money – Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinksi, certainly a name that most gamers are familiar with but those who are unaware, Bleszinksi happened to be a former director of Gears of War and Epic Games employee. Recently, Cliff Bleszinksi came out of retirement to once again, work on video games but his thoughts on E3 as of late may be … Read more