Videogame rental services on the rise

Video game rentals are on the rise as gamers become more and more concerned about the quality of the games they buy and want to experience it before they decide on making a full purchase. However, not all videogame rental services are to be trusted as competition gets tough and a lot of new services … Read more

Gaming on Smart Phones is bigger than ever

With a plethora of new smartphones releasing in the last few months, gaming on smart phones is getting more and more popular. Consumers want to experience the latest games while being on the move, and therefore no developer is missing the chance to deliver the next big handheld blockbuster. Although the fan-favorite smart phone games … Read more

Sony: PS4 games must support remote-play for PS Vita

“It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita” said a follower of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter; He responds, “Yes, it’s true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera.” A trusted PS4 developer informed Digital Foundry that Sony has mandated the PS Vita be able … Read more

Playing Video Games May Be Required In School

Two prominent neuroscientists have published a commentary in the Feb. 28th Nature suggesting that video games might be crafted to improve brain function and enhance personal well-being. In “Games To Do You Good,” they cite prospects for bettering performance on behavioral measures ranging from visual perception to altruism. Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester and Richard J. Davidson … Read more

White ‘Instant Game Collection’ PS3 Bundle announced for NA

Sony’s announced that a ‘Instant Game Collection’ PS3 bundle would soon be released in North America. Containing a white PlayStation 3 console, and there PS3 titles including inFamous 2, the bundle is sure to please fans. Check out the announcement trailer below.

First WRC 3 Trailer is fast and furious

The first proper trailer for WRC3 has been released, giving you a glimpse at the title from close rance. A notable observation is the absense of any HUD in the game. The game’s out on October 12 for PS3, PC, and a PS Vita version is also in development. Check the video below.