Gaming on Smart Phones is bigger than ever

With a plethora of new smartphones releasing in the last few months, gaming on smart phones is getting more and more popular. Consumers want to experience the latest games while being on the move, and therefore no developer is missing the chance to deliver the next big handheld blockbuster.

Although the fan-favorite smart phone games remain Temple Run and Angry Birds, a lot of new games are tasting success as more and more consumers switch to smart phones and want to try out the latest games.

Newest smart mobiles phones which have hit the market include Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. All three of these have sold millions of sets since launch and has made handheld gaming experiences better than ever before.


The mobile gaming market today is a serious competition to the home console market as more and more people want to experience the latest games on their mobiles while on the move.