Registered by Microsoft, Redirects to Playstation Blog Website

Ever since Microsoft’s failure to impress many viewers at their E3 conference, the Xbox One has become a new popular meme of the internet.

As if the humiliation could not get any worse, turns out there’s a website called, when you enter the website it will automatically send you to Sony’s PlayStation Blog website, which contains information regarding all things PS4.

The strange thing about this is that the website was apparently registered a day after the unveiling of the console, and by Microsoft Corporation. Many assume that it could be the works of a hacker; we still don’t know the real story behind this trolling.

















When considering they register their official websites and through Corporate Domains, Inc.

We doubt it was really Microsoft that would register such a domain through

The stunt was a good burn and whether it was the works of a troll or not, it was definitely laughable.

Who do you think was behind this plot?