Twitch Interesting In PS Vita Integration

Twitch is a streaming service that I’m sure most of us are familiar with. The service recently became accessible to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gamers can finally stream and watch their favorite video games right from their consoles. Though we may see Twitch hit the mobile market soon on the PlayStation 4 and … Read more

PS Vita 3.12 System Update Now Available

The system update 3.12 for the PS Vita handheld was announced yesterday and has confirmed to be available now. This was strange for many users because the 3.10 update came out just last week. Many have reported that their PS Vita systems had a problem with the 3.10 update when they are using a 32 … Read more

Mitashi to introduce GameIn Thunderbolt in India

Mitashi, a pioneer in the Indian gaming has come up with a new handheld console to address the needs of the Indian gaming scene. The console, named ‘GameIn Thunderbolt’  is a one of a kind touch based Android gaming device with social media capabilities. The console has a multi-touch screen, 1 GHz Processor, Android 4.0 and … Read more

Gaming on Smart Phones is bigger than ever

With a plethora of new smartphones releasing in the last few months, gaming on smart phones is getting more and more popular. Consumers want to experience the latest games while being on the move, and therefore no developer is missing the chance to deliver the next big handheld blockbuster. Although the fan-favorite smart phone games … Read more