Sony: PS4 games must support remote-play for PS Vita

“It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita” said a follower of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter; He responds, “Yes, it’s true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera.”

A trusted PS4 developer informed Digital Foundry that Sony has mandated the PS Vita be able to play any PS4 games, except the games that require the use of the bundled PS4 eye camera.

They are giving users the ability to play almost any PS4 game whenever they want, anywhere they go. If this strategy is successful, it is going to boost sales for the PS Vita, which once had problems with commercial success. Much like the Wii U GamePad, Sony hopes the handheld offers a better off-TV play making it more useful for gaming anywhere.

With this interesting new feature, would you buy the PS Vita?