Videogame rental services on the rise

Video game rentals are on the rise as gamers become more and more concerned about the quality of the games they buy and want to experience it before they decide on making a full purchase.

However, not all videogame rental services are to be trusted as competition gets tough and a lot of new services are announced every other day. Gamers need to make sure that the rental services they use are established and well known.

UK-based video game rental provider is one of the biggest players in the videogame rental business and is a service which is widely used in the UK, Germany and Scaninavia. It’s one of the few well established rental services that gamers can use without concern.

With the next-gen systems announced, it’ll be interesting to see how the videogame rental industry develops and if gamers become more interested in trying out games before making a full purchase on the PS4 and Xbox One.