Player Spent 6 Years Playing Dark Souls to Wear This Rare Helmet

How far would you go to get a helmet in a game? For years, there’s been this weird obsession brewing just below the surface for some Dark Souls players, centered around Dragon Slayer Ornstein, and his helmet’s lack of a plume. In the first game, Ornstein had no plume, but one player in particular was hopeful that … Read more

Dark Souls III PC Version Will Run At 60 FPS

The PC version of Dark Souls 3 will be running at a steady 60 FPS putting all previous rumors of the game possibly having a 30 FPS experience on PC to rest. From Software, however cleared all the doubts yesterday by tweeting that Dark Souls 3 will run at 60 fps on PC. Forget what you’ve heard. … Read more

New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Reveal Brand New Boss, Look Amazing

If you’re a fan of the ever growing Dark Souls franchise, you’ll be excited to hear that the third installment is almost upon us. And it seems Bandai Namco are excited as well, releasing some high-definition teaser images of new characters, locations and armour sets. Awesome right? One of the most notable screenshots depicted a new … Read more

Bloodborne Alpha Starts Tomorrow

Sony has already sent out invites to select PlayStation 4 owners for closed alpha Bloodborne session. Those lucky enough to get invited will get a first hand look of Bloodborne and enjoy the gameplay freely within their homes. The closed alpha will be short, in fact only three days of the week will have the … Read more