Here’s Proof That Ubisoft Recycled Far Cry 4’s Map In Far Cry: Primal

The gaming industry is getting more and more competitive where money and and quick turnaround times matter more than anything else. The gamers are the ones who need to bear the brunt of this cutthroat scenario and looks like Ubisoft’s Far Cry: Primal is the latest addition into this category. According to a Gamepressure report, … Read more

Far Cry 4 Map Leaks Online

Ubisoft has been teasing us quite a bit over the past few months. Releasing little bits and information on the upcoming release of their Far Cry 4 video game. Now that we’re closing in on that release date the game map has made its way online. You can check out the full map right down … Read more

New Far Cry 4 TV Commercial

Ubisoft has released a new TV advertisement for their upcoming Far Cry 4 video game title. The new commercial shows off more of the environments like the snowy mountains along with the different enemies both human and animal predators that lurk within the lush areas. Also noted in the commercial is a few pre-order bonuses. … Read more

New Far Cry 4 Trailer Shows Off Incredible Landscapes and Vehicles

Ubisoft showed off a brand new trailer for their upcoming video game release Far Cry 4. This time the trailer focuses on the landscapes and vehicles players will get to explore and use. If you’re interested in seeing the different areas within Kyrat, take a look at the latest trailer right down below. Detailing more … Read more

Far Cry 4’s Arena Mode

Ubisoft has reveled a new trailer for their upcoming game, Far Cry 4, which shows off a new game mode. Far Cry 4’s arena mode will have players face off against animals like elephants and tigers. No news on whether the animals will be human or A.I. controlled, but here I’m hoping to stomp on … Read more

Ubisoft Reveals Far Cry 4’s Yuma

Ubisoft has revealed the right hand woman of Far Cry 4’s main antagonist, Pagan Min. Meet Yuma, a woman that is still very mysterious to us for now. Announced through the Far Cry Game Twitter account: Meet Yuma: Deadly tactician, general of the Royal Army, and Pagan Min’s right hand woman. Besides the Twitter post, … Read more

Ubisoft New Far Cry 4 Trailer and Keys Revealed

A new trailer has been released for Ubisoft’s upcoming Far Cry 4 video game. The trailer shows more of Kyrat and some of the goals Pagan Min is trying to accomplish. Another key point has been announced known as Keys. The latest trailer shows more of Kyrat and it’s location. You will see the lush rivers … Read more