Here’s Proof That Ubisoft Recycled Far Cry 4’s Map In Far Cry: Primal

The gaming industry is getting more and more competitive where money and and quick turnaround times matter more than anything else. The gamers are the ones who need to bear the brunt of this cutthroat scenario and looks like Ubisoft’s Far Cry: Primal is the latest addition into this category.

According to a Gamepressure report, Ubisoft might have actually gone ahead and recycled the map of Far Cry 4 in Far Cry: Primal.

The evidence is in fact very credible and we think it has definitely done this in order to save development costs as well as time in developing the game.


If you compare both the maps with each other, you’ll notice that both of them are eerily similar and we can’t help but think that this was an informed decision from Ubisoft rather than a strange coincidence.

What’s worse, both the maps have similarly placed water bodies and reservoirs implying that the developer must have taken Kyrat from Far Cry 4 and just compressed it a little, adding in the obvious modifications on top.

far cry primal 2

The site has prepared copies of the maps of both Far Cry 4 and Far Cry: Primal and the similarities are more than just striking. Not only are many objects and locations placed in similar spots in both the maps, the roadways and water bodies are also similarly located.

Ubisoft tried to make minor modifications in the hopes of no one noticing the similarities but looks like they were wrong.

Far Cry 4 Map
Far Cry Primal map

The fact that Far Cry: Primal is a full-priced game promoted by Ubisoft as being an AAA title is the final blow to gamers. If it has recycled the map from a previous game for creating Primal, it shows how much development time and effort went into it. Cue: Not much.

Is Ubisoft justified in doing something like this? We’ll never know¬†but gamers should take incidents like this into consideration for sure.


Far Cry: Primal is out worldwide for PC, Xbox One and PS4 and has received average reviews from critics. It is doing well commercially as well but many felt the game lacked content and doesn’t merit a full-game price tag.


Something this latest rumor would only go on to validate.