Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Releases Today, Here’s How To Jump In

Today marks the day of what Bethesda claims to be the biggest expansion they’ve ever released. Far Harbor is going to be a huge new adventure for players inĀ Fallout 4, but since this game is open world, starting it isn’t as easy as just selecting it from a menu. For starters, make sure you have … Read more

Bloodborne Expansion To Be Released On September 24

The release date for the expansion DLC of Bloodborne has been announced by Sony Japan today. Sony Japan announced about the release of the Bloodborne expansion on the pre-TGS press conference. The much awaited expansion named The Old Hunters will be released on November 24. The DLC which will allow players to experience the nightmare … Read more

Resogun Heroes Launch Trailer

Resogun receives a brand new expansion known as Resogun Heroes. The new expansion is available today and has a launch trailer. See what all is new with the expansion down below. According to the PlayStation Blog, the following has been added within the new Resogun Heroes expansion. Survival Mode Survival mode is Resogun turned up … Read more