Resogun Heroes Launch Trailer

Resogun receives a brand new expansion known as Resogun Heroes. The new expansion is available today and has a launch trailer. See what all is new with the expansion down below.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the following has been added within the new Resogun Heroes expansion.

Survival Mode

Survival mode is Resogun turned up to 11. In this new mode you’ll descend onto Avernus with the sole purpose of taking the fight to Sentients. Attack the stormy city in the midst of an all-new day and night cycle, and destroy everything that moves.

Things are tough in Survival – you only have a single life to last as long as you can. A few things have changed to improve your odds, however.


In Demolition, you take the fight to Avernus at night, armed only with a proximity bomb that recharges after each use. No other weapons, boost or overdrive here. What you do have is the Wrecking Ball. When it’s caught in the explosion of your proximity bomb, it will fly off around Avernus destroying everything it hits… including you!

Resogun Heroes is available right now for the PlayStation 4.

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