10 Must-Read Tips for Building Your Own PC

Building your own PC is a highly rewarding job, because at the end of the day you can enjoy a well-deserved gaming session on the new machine that you created with your own two hands. But as this task is quite enjoyable, it can also be quite delicate, knowing how to choose and install all … Read more

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Creator is Loving The PlayStation 4

When one of your top employee’s is getting chummy with the competition, that’s not a good sign. Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakurai recently spoke about the Sony PlayStation 4 and unsurprisingly, he’s enjoying the system and its power. Could this mean Masahiro will be jumping ship from the Nintendo Wii U for the Sony PlayStation 4? Nintendo … Read more

Original PS4 Design Was ‘Totally Different’

Chief designer Tetsu Sumii, the man behind the PlayStation 4 design , revealed today some important details regarding the PS4 design. Sumii stated that the past PS4 design was “totally different”  from what we see today.  “When we started the product design for PS4, we didn’t start by thinking about what the shape would be. … Read more

Mike Bithell Talks About Secret Dualshock 4 Feature

According to Mike Bithell, all the leaked images and videos of the PS4’s new DualShock 4 controller did not show everything. “You’ll know the success of this meeting in a year,” he said on Twitter today, “when you are / are not playing it on your PS4.” He also got to explore the DualShock 4. “Can’t … Read more

Sony: PS4 “is going to be another fantastic design”

During an interview with Sony’s Worldwide Studio vice president Michael Denny, he informed  Edge-Online the PS4 ” it’s going to be another fantastic design and we can’t wait to reveal it.” Michael Denny didn’t really describe or give us a hint how the PS4 actually looks like, but he gave Edge-Online a significant glimpse of that. We know  Sony can design and deliver the most beautiful hardware, … Read more

Sony president apologizes for not showing PS4 during the unveiled

The PlayStation 4 itself was the only thing missing during the unveiled yesterday night. Sony president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida apologized to all the  gamers out there for not showing the device itself. We believe Sony didn’t show the hardware itself for a main reason. Showing the hardware wouldn’t be the final design. “I’m sorry we did not show the … Read more