Mike Bithell Talks About Secret Dualshock 4 Feature

According to Mike Bithell, all the leaked images and videos of the PS4’s new DualShock 4 controller did not show everything.

“You’ll know the success of this meeting in a year,” he said on Twitter today, “when you are / are not playing it on your PS4.”

He also got to explore the DualShock 4. “Can’t say much more about [it],” he teased, “it was only a prototype, but it feels tight, suits my hands, and is rather snazzy.”

“They’ve also done something aesthetically that I’m not sure I’ve seen in images online, which I really love,” he added.

A lot of people have been saying there must be something we have not seen beneath the controller (like a number code of some sort). Aesthetic means beautiful and pleasing, so unlike what people are saying about the feature not working, the feature could very well work instead of just being another shiny detail to the controller. Perhaps there are some awesome grips on the controller we don’t know about or even a slot for a flashdrive to pop in and upload your files to the PS4.

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