The Biggest Zombie Game Of 2019 Just Got Delayed AGAIN

One of the most exciting-looking games of the last few E3 conferences has been Days Gone, you know, the one where like a million zombies come at you in hordes and you have a motorbike? That one. Sony describes the title as: “an open-world action game set in the high-desert of the Pacific Northwest. “Traversing … Read more

People Think This Game Could Be Sony’s Next Horizon Zero Dawn

In a time where the biggest, or at least one of the biggest, differentiating factors between consoles is their exclusive titles, Horizon Zero Dawn was a big win for Sony. You can’t coast on a big win or just one successful new IP, it’s all about keeping the conveyor belt rolling and constantly releasing sequels … Read more

7 upcoming videogames releasing in 2017 that every gamer must play

While there are plenty more games set for release in 2017, these are our most anticipated games of 2017. God of War Platform: PS4 Release Date: TBA 2017 After brutalizing one pantheon of gods, the Ghost of Sparta has set his sights on another. Based around the Norse mythology, God of War sees players adventuring … Read more

Days Gone: Sony’s PS4 Exclusive Survival Horror Game Gets First Details

Sony Bend unveiled Days Gone during their press conference at E3 last night. They revealed both the cinematic and the gameplay trailer during the event. Along with the two amazing trailers, Sony Bend didn’t provide much information during the press conference. However, PlayStation Blog didn’t take much time to reveal more details about the new game which is … Read more

Days Gone, Sony

Sony Announces Days Gone, An Open-World Survival Game

Sony has announced an intriguing new IP, under the name of Days Gone. The protagonist seems to be a biker, with a mysterious and exciting past for us to delve into whenever the game arrives. Initially the game seems similar to The Last of Us, with strange zombie-inspired creatures and supposedly, enemies. Post-apocalyptic games have always … Read more