Ubisoft’s VR Games will all Have Cross-Platform Multiplayer Support

Although PSVR was released not long ago, there hasn’t been much support from big publishers in regards to VR tech until now. Ubisoft will be making waves with VR games very shortly and they’ve recently announced that some of those games will function as cross-platform as multiplayer gamers across platforms will unite together. It’s an … Read more

Xbox Co-Creator Wants Sony to Enable PS4/Xbox One Cross-play

Sony and Microsoft have been competitors in the console market for as long as it can be remembered. This is great because competition drives much of the innovation and creativity we see from the companies today, motivating them to strive for more, for success, for improvement. Of course, more important factors are in play, but … Read more

Microsoft Says Xbox One Is Ready For PS4 Cross-Play, Sony Responds

Microsoft really puts it foot forward when it announced last month that it was opening the Xbox One to support cross-network play last month. Eyebrows were raised when the company said it would not only be open to supporting cross-play with PC but “other consoles” as well. Now, it has made it clear that it … Read more

Borderlands 2 Graphics Comparison between PS Vita and Consoles

Borderlands 2 is coming soon to the PS Vita, and many have questioned how the graphics would look when compared with the consoles and PC versions. Turns out that the results are reasonable, when considering that the game is going to be played on a hand held device. Borderlands 2 for PS Vita will be … Read more