Shaquille O’Neal Donates 1,000 PS5 Consoles To Children For Christmas

Shaquille O’Neal played his charitable part as Santa Claus this Christmas as he gave away around 1,000 PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles to school children. O’Neal is known for his philanthropy, and this Christmas was no different. The former successful basketball player is estimated to be worth around $400 million according to NBC Sports. In … Read more

Twitch Streamer DrLupo Raised Over $1m For Children’s Hospital In 2018

When you think of Twitch streamers their charity work isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but Fortnite streamer DrLupo is doing his best to change that. The 31-year-old has successfully raised over $1 million for children’s charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, throughout the whole of 2018. He ended his massively successful year … Read more

Nobody Wants To Tell You The Things PewDiePie Has Done For Charity

Felix Kjellberg has done a lot of incredible work for charities, both in raising awareness, raising funds, and donating his own money. Unfortunately, if you’ve only heard about him from the recent storm of headlines from big media outlets who are intentionally misleading their readers, you’d think he was literally Hitler. PewDiePie has always been … Read more