Interviewing Pillar: A Conversation With Michael Hicks

We here at PlayStation Gang recently mentioned a new PS4 game called Pillar. The game will incorporate personality traits with the gameplay. Pillar focuses on different aspects of human personalities. We came in contact with the lead game designer of Pillar, Michael Hicks, to ask him questions about Pillar and about the gaming industry. PlayStation Gang: What made … Read more

BioShock: Infinite Elizabeth Courtnee Draper Talks Movie Role

During the BAFTA Game Awards this year, BioShock: Infinite’s very own Elizabeth made an appearance. That’s right actress Courtnee Draper was there attending the event. IGN happened to be there as well and asked Courtnee if she would have any interest in taking up the role of Elizabeth once again but this time in a feature length … Read more

BioShock Burial at Sea Episode 2 Returning Characters Revealed

Irrational is finally closing the book on BioShock Infinite with the final Burial at Sea episode releasing March 25th. Burial at Sea Episode 2 will feature some major characters from the series and will give you a worthy amount of gameplay. Ken Levine from Irrational Games has even made mention that the game will take … Read more

‘The Last of Us’ taking lead in 17th Annual DICE Awards Nominations

It’s awards season all the way! As the Academy Award nominations were just announced yesterday, the nominations of the 17th Annual DICE Awards have been revealed today by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. The DICE Awards can very well be considered as the Oscars for the gaming industry. Naughty Dog is making Sony … Read more

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Gets a Release Date

The first piece of story-driven DLC for Bioshock: Infinite will be coming out in the middle of next month. On November 12th the first episode of the new story taking place in Rapture before the fall will come to the PlayStation 3. Just three days before the launch of the next console. You will be … Read more

New BioShock Game Possible if Irrational Falls in Love With Idea

BioShock: Irrational director Ken Levine did a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ recently where he and lead level designer Andres Gonzales answered fan questions about the game. When asked about the possibility of another BioShock game from Irrational and the change in setting for Infinite, Levine has this to say: “I think it actually has a … Read more