Battlefield 5 Had One Of The Worst Launches Of The Franchise

Battlefield 5 was one of the most highly-anticipated first-person shooters of 2018, with lots of people being more than ready to tackle the brand-new war epic from EA DICE. However, VGChartz has estimated the number of copies sold within the first week of release, and it leaves a lot to be desired. The website estimates … Read more

WATCH: Streamer gets 100 Kills in a Single Round of Battlefield V

Shroud retired from professional Counter Strike and since then he has taken over Twitch with his insane (mostly) TPS/FPS gameplay. He rose to Twitch fame through PUBG quickly becoming the biggest streamer for that game and stayed there for months. He is now trying his hand at other games like Battlefield and the latest CoD … Read more

A Travel Blogger Has Revealed Just How Realistic Battlefield 5’s Map Is

Zoe and Lennart, travel bloggers from renowned blog site TogetherInTransit might spend their days travelling the world, but what you might not expect from them is a detailed comparison of Battlefield 5‘s Rotterdam to its real-life counterpart. That’s just what they’ve done though, and Zoe has revealed just how damn realistic the Battlefield 5 is, … Read more

Hidden Details in New Battlefield Teaser That Hint At World War Setting

DICE just released a teaser for the upcoming Battlefield worldwide reveal tomorrow. The short teaser focuses on a soldier. You can check it out below. Pretty cool right? Definitely. In case you didn’t notice, this video tells us an awful lot about the upcoming sequel; read on to see what you may have missed. Hint: it’s … Read more