Spider-Man is getting Fantastic Four Themed Content

Marvel’s Spider-Man was one of the best games of last year and it was proven by that by being the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive of all time. Along with this it was also the fastest selling superhero game, keep it up Spidey.

Credit: Insomniac Games

And keep it up they have, there has been plenty of top tier DLC along with some great free updates for the game which has kept players like me coming back for more more more. I don’t want pictures of Spider-Man, I want more games of Spider-Man. Seriously it is becoming a problem at this point…

Anyway, it seems like the next addition to the game will be something ‘fantastic’:

This tweet from the Marvel Games account lets us know that something related to the Fantastic 4 is on it’s way but doesn’t tell us exactly what. Luckily, many Marvel fans in the replies seem to have some great ideas about what it might be.

It could be anyone of these things, or maybe all of them! We will have to wait and see what the Marvel Games team has in mind for the game. Either way I am excited to see what they come out with. I for one hope that the Fantastic 4 come to New York to help fight crime and you have to help them in different parts of the city fighting these new bad guys. Maybe that is wishful thinking but it is what I need.

Have you been playing Spider-Man and what do you think the suit will be?