Sony will Unveil Virtual Reality Technology at Upcoming GDC

Developers who are aware of this Virtual Reality technology has confirmed that Sony will be at the GDC event next week.

Sony’s VR technology has been incorporated into a headset and the prototype of the device has been handed out to their thirdparty developers.

This technology has been described as far more advanced than the first Oculus Rift, but should be on the same level as the most recent Oculus Rift due to the Crystal Cove devkit.

They barely speak about the software on the equipment, but we should anticipate maybe a tech demo release from Sony’s firstparty studio at the GDC event.

Sony is not going to force developers into utilizing games on their VR technology, but studios have expressed their interest on the new technology. They’re still unsure of the game development cost of the VR, and developers are currently waiting to see how the VR will perform before diving into the new hardware.

sony vr

At the GDC event on Tuesday March 18th, Sony will be hosting a ‘Driving the future of innovation’ session. The description of the gathering is said to be brief but very significant considering that the executive speakers will be Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov, the Senior SCEA of Research and Development. They are the same individuals who created the PlayStation Eye and Move. Sony’s progress towards Virtual Reality will definitely be in their area of expertise.

Even Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios informed their developer partners that this is not an event that they should miss, which makes us believe that it’s going to be something very big.

A Sony Spokesperson was contacted about all the data mentioned above, but seemed to want to keep the information on the down low. He commented, “We do not comment on rumour and speculation.”

It was noticed that Sony almost revealed the VR headset late last year, but suddenly changed their minds at the last second. It is official that Sony will finally unveil their VR technology into the world, and it may be a game changer for their next-gen console.

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