GDC 2014: List of Playable Games at Sony’s Booth

If you look on the GDC information page, Sony has already listed their titles that will be playable at their booth this year. (Game Developers Conference) GDC 2014 will take place in San Fransisco, CA. This is where the gaming industry gets a chance to see the latest techs and upcoming products. Here is the … Read more

Sony will Unveil Virtual Reality Technology at Upcoming GDC

Developers who are aware of this Virtual Reality technology has confirmed that Sony will be at the GDC event next week. Sony’s VR technology has been incorporated into a headset and the prototype of the device has been handed out to their thirdparty developers. This technology has been described as far more advanced than the … Read more

More PS4 Games will be Announced at Gamescom

Gamescom is the world’s largest games event, described as the E3 of Europe, and Sony has always been a contributor in this experience. The last Gamescom announced a lot of new games for the PS3, and it should be doing the same for PS4 this year. From the previous conferences/events, Sony has been announcing all … Read more

1200 People to attend Feb 20 Sony Event

Sony’s February 20 event will be no ordinary press event with a handful of journalists attending it. The hardware and software giants is making a huge splash with more than 1200 journalists said to be attending the much talked about event. It might be assumed that Sony’s eagerness to cater to such a huge number … Read more