More PS4 Games will be Announced at Gamescom

Gamescom is the world’s largest games event, described as the E3 of Europe, and Sony has always been a contributor in this experience. The last Gamescom announced a lot of new games for the PS3, and it should be doing the same for PS4 this year.

From the previous conferences/events, Sony has been announcing all things new from software, to controller, game IP’s, and all the upcoming plans from first-party game studios. Gamescom is definitely a foot in the door, to the next generation of gaming.

CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe Jim Ryan gives some insight of what we should be expecting from Sony at Gamescom.

He states, “There’s a lot coming. I’m sure you heard from Shu [Yoshida] that he has 30 games in development. 20 of them are going to ship within the first year of the console’s life, and of those 12 are new IP,” he said. “There’s a lot going on, we need to keep stuff back. We’ve got Gamescom for us Europeans–we need to have something to show at Gamescom, don’t we?”

It seems that we will be expecting a lot from Sony at this year’s Gamescom which will be taking place from August 21st till August 25th.

Keep checking back on more information about Sony and Gamescom.