Sony Will Be Holding Innovation Based Presentation At GDC 2014

Sony has something in store for this upcoming GDC 2014. Featuring Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Richard Marks, Senior Director at SCEA R&D along with Anton Mikhailov, Senior Software Engineer, we can expect to see something innovative. Though we’re not given very much details as to what the presentation will really be based about as the description states the following.

Join Sony Computer Entertainment for a presentation on innovation at PlayStation and the future of gaming.

One of the big rumors circulating around this presentation is the possibility of the PS4 VR headset announcement. There’s been a big push lately in augmented reality and virtual reality headset, this could be Sony’s big reveal on said device. Regardless, we’re unsure of anything at the moment and we’ll likely have to wait until March 18th for the official presentation to take place.

Even if the PS4 VR headset does get revealed, we’re curious to see how it holds up against the popular Oculus Rift. If Sony comes out with a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 console, would you be in line to pick it up upon launch day or do you find it too much of a gimmick?