Sony Trademarks Vib Ribbon

Vib Ribbon may be making another comeback after Sony trademarks the title. Are you ready for another intense rhythm based video game?

The trademark was first caught by a member of NeoGaf which shows off an image of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. The trademark is from the European offices of Sony Computer Entertainment but nothing has been officially announced.

For those who don’t recall Vib Ribbon, you might have to look back a number of years. Vib Ribbon first came out on the original PlayStation and was a rhythm based video game. The game played out similar to PaRappa the Rapper in which keys that needed to be pressed is displayed on the screen and must be executed at a specific time.

Gamers could even add their own CD’s at the time to play a custom track that went along with the music. Though until the official word comes up from Sony, we will have to wait and see more about the unconfirmed Vib Ribbon reboot.